Nice to Meet You, Property Managers!

Spend more time with humans.

You’re smooth, you’re savvy. You’re scaling your vacation property rental management without breaking a sweat.

Optimize vacation rental bookings.

More Time for Haute Hospitality

Delight and deliver more for your hosts and owners, while your vacation rental property management hums in the background. (We’ll notify you 📧 if something’s urgent.)

Streamline Workflows

You’ll always know what's happening because there's only one inbox to check to ensure your business is running smoothly and your clients are happy.

Repeatability for Scale

Automate. Automate. Automate. Every now and then, review and refine your automations, then automate some more. Clean repeatability is key at scale.

Woo Clients with a Pro Website

Travelers will love booking your rentals from your own PRO-optimized website. Pick a template, include your brand and listings, and create your site in minutes.

Connect with Owners

Grant property owners access to view what they need to know themselves. Now, you can focus your time on making positive, meaningful relationships.
Easy & All-In-One Synchronization

Sync with 1,000+ Travel Websites (aka Channels)

Once your listings sync across Smily’s distribution channels, you’ll reach up to 70+ million travelers, while you keep control of your preferred criteria.

Smily syncs all the details for you: announcements, calendars, prices, reservations, information, reviews, and communications with travelers.

(This way, you don’t have to deal with dozens of user accounts across all the industry players; we’ve streamlined them for you in one single place!)
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup
One Centralized Inbox for Alllllllll Those Channels

Consolidated Guest Communications

Focus on the messages that matter most. Automated emails with your name ensure a smooth guest experience from the booking process to payment collection, pre-check-in, during the stay, and after departure.

For any personalized and specific communication with your travelers outside of automatic emails, you can use your centralized inbox. Voilà!

Join the #1 Partner in the Vacation Property Rental Business

Included: No Extra Contracts Needed

Accounting (French Compliant)

Tailored to French regulations, Goldorak helps both French and foreign businesses serve the French rental industry market needs.

It's a great win-win story, actually. Goldorak was a customer of Smily (as Formerly BookingSync) as a long-term real estate agency needing extra tools for the particularities of processing French accounting in this industry. Nothing existed yet, as a solution. So, we built it together and it works awesome for us, and now they're using it for other customers too. 😃
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup
Included: No Extra Contracts Needed

Onsite Operations App Integration

Offer high hospitality for your travelers using our partner solutions RentalNinja (it feels all-in-one for you). Create digital welcome books, generate upsells, & make everyone’s life easier on-site!
Grow Your Business & Your Brand

Create a Pro Website in Minutes

Acquire customers and grow a recurring business with your own outstanding vacation rental website.


Help travelers choose their vacation rental according to their search criteria. Boost your SEO by focusing in on niche markets.


Visualize your rentals on a map to help travelers find the best house near their favorite activities and local spots.

Template Editor

Because your identity is important, you have a full access to your template including stylesheets.
Offer Smart Rates

Dynamic Pricing + Optimizations

Also known as “real-time pricing,” our partnership with your choice of PriceLabs or Beyond ensures you’re consistently earning the best rates possible.

If you’re curious (as were we), here are ways our partners help us help you:
Pricing based on seasonality, day-of-the-week trends, lead-time adjustments, holiday & event pricing
Customizations based on last-minute and occupancy-based adjustments, orphan-day or day-of-the-week pricing
Dynamic minimum stay optimizations for last-minute, far out, or orphan-gap stays
(Beauty is, you don’t have to know how it works, just that it does.) 
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Damage Deposits Managed For You

Not all platform partners offer the option to collect a damage deposit, but we feel it’s an important part of ensuring quality rental experiences.

We’ve partnered with Swikly to offer a damage deposit for every Smily Service user. Find more info here, or give us a call.
Automated security deposit requests.
No impact on your guest’s banking limit.
Guaranteed amount in case of damage.

Hi! I’m Ella, a Smily Guide.

With the Smily Business plan, you’ve got priority access to calls and emails.
We adore your feedback. Please do let us know if we can clarify something better.
If the following sounds like you...

Smily Manager plan is right for you. 

Basically, you’re a boss.
You ave a ‘Carte de Gestion’ (France).
Here, you'll need your Carte-G to collect payments, until further notice.
Accounting & On-Site Operations are a Must
Good. With this plan, we partnered with Goldorak for accounting. For onsite operations, we chose RentalNinja, which we’ll simply turn on to activate. (No extra contracts or separate negotiations are needed.)
A Slick Website Would Help Your Brand Shine
This plan is about building your brand, not just operating your business. With the easy-to-use pro-theme website included in this package, you'll be well on your way to wowing more travelers (and your clients).

Smily Manager

Recommended for:
1 - 100+ Properties
(8.4% TTC)
+ Monthly Fee Per Rental*
Everything in ‘Smily Business’ Plan +
Guest Experience & Operations Mgmt (Rental Ninja)
Enterprise Website
(Categories & destinations segmentations, multi-currencies support and much more)
Accounting (Goldorak) 
Personalized + Priority Service
Required: French “Carte de Gestion” (until further notice) or own the properties
Start My 'Smily Manager' Account Now
1 Commission is duty free and is calculated on the total price of all bookings with a check-out date during the previous month (excluding cleaning fees and booking taxes).
2 For 500+ properties, please call for Enterprise-level requests/pricing.
Smily Managers Get Every Smily Service

Highlighting the Goodies in the Smily Owner & Smily Business Plans:

All the bells and whistles of Smily Services.

Published on 1000+ Vacation Rental Channels (Airbnb,

Direct on our partner channels + their affiliates.

Dedicated Smily Account Manager

Many of us are property managers ourselves, so it’ll be like speaking to yourself, in a way.

Cross-Channel Synchronization

- Rental Prices
- Calendars
- Bookings
- Descriptions & Photos
- Guest Details & Reviews
- Communication with Guests

White-Label Website

Managers, you can choose from any website theme to build your business and share your brand. Direct bookings are made easy, here!

Guest Payment Collection & Transfer (with BookingPay)

Money in your account. Mic drop. 🎤

Damage Deposits (by Swikly); & Dynamic Pricing (Choose between PriceLabs or Beyond)



Smily Manager Service Plan
Is there a free trial available?
In a way. Registering on Smily and creating your property listing is free. Our aim is win-win partnerships. We only charge a percentage fee when you receive a booking. (Per-property fees will be charged at the end of the first month, after activation.)

We offer a free demo for the Smily Manager plan. You can also book a call and ask us anything. 😊
How much are the service fees?
To cover our operating costs, we charge a service fee of just 7% (8.4% TTC) for Smily Manager plan services–that includes the payment gateway fees, which are between 3-5%, depending on the provider.

The per-rental fees for the Smily Business and Smily Manager plans will begin at the end of the first month.
What are channel commission fees?
Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) generally charge a commission of 15-20% on each reservation. To make your life easier, we manage the costs of the commissions taken by each platform and add them to your rental amount so that the traveler has the adjusted price. For example, you want 100€ per night, you will receive 100€. (The traveler will pay the additional platform costs.) 
Who can host?
It’s easy to become a Smily host if you’re listing your property in Euros 💶 . We currently support only EUR bank accounts from banks providing an IBAN, and rentals located only in countries using EUR as their official currency.

Entire apartments or homes, villas, treehouses, and even castles are just a few of the properties owners have shared on Smily.
How do damage deposits work?
Property owners can request damage deposits from guests. Smily Damage Deposits (by Swikly) help cover any potential damage caused by a guest and offer reassurance that your property will be treated respectfully.

At this time, the security amount is standardized depending on the property size. Liability in the event of a dispute: Smily. For more information, see Smily Damage Deposit (by Swikly).
Do I need a “Carte-G” for Smily Manager Plan?
For Smily Business & Smily Manager plans, yes, you would need your French Carte de Gestion for payment collection, at least until further notice.

Don’t have one yet? Give us a call, and we’ll add you to our list of customers to notify when we can offer split payments on Smily Manager without the Carte-G.

Until then, consider the Smily Owner or Smily Software plan.

Still have questions?

Ask our friendly team anything about Smily. We’re happy to help!

Save Time. Book More.

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