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We envision a world where we all share smiles with each other

3 Keys to be Smily

1. Remote

Have you had enough of living in a flat in the city or its suburbs? Being stuck in traffic for hours every week?

Okzea had, and in 2017 when joining Smily, he moved from his father's house in Paris and unstable revenue as a freelancer to a private villa in Koh Samui island, in Thailand.
He now really enjoys the flexibility and luxury of his new lifestyle.

Ella loves where she has lived since her childhood, a very rural location in the South-West of France, yet it's also known for its low employment opportunities. Since joining Smily Ella was able to build a fulfilling professional career while still  living in the place she loves.
It also allowed her to eliminate the time and the cost spent on transport. This extra time that she considers as "her bonus" allowed her to dedicate more time to her hobbies, family and any other personal activities.

2. Flexible hours

Have you ever wished you could just be at the beach whenever the wind is just great? To pick up your kids everyday and share this precious time with them?

Megan, had a limited number of holiday days per year. Not enough to spend time with family and friends who live in different countries and enjoy time off for holidays and hobbies. She can now easily spend two weeks in England and see all her family and still keep up with work. She also spends time in other places she loves, and like that she can also fit her work around her hobbies, like taking a few hours to go skiing or cycling during the day.

Yannick and his wife love kite-surfing and used to live in Cape town, South Africa, yet with limitations in moving around and scheduling their personal life. They now follow the summer and wind by the oceans around the globe, and live their dreams which include lots of family time.

3. Be your own boss

Have you ever dreamed of being in the driver seat of your life? Did you start your own company before realizing you only spent 20% of your time doing the things you love?

Kata built her own company and realized it was very challenging due to being overworked, and not being able to delegate. Also there were of course many responsibilities, it was mentally draining and there was too much on her plate. She wanted to just focus on one thing at the time, being able to be close to her loved ones and be 100% remote. As she says, Smily helped her big time on the lifestyle she always wanted.

Karol experienced freelancing before joining Smily and quickly came to the conclusion that way too much time is spent on finding clients, negotiating and supporting them and tedious tasks around the actual value he delivered and love doing. He’s now forgetting about Work/Life Balance and instead having full Work & Life integration where Work is an opportunity to grow and learn new things that he is passionate about. It feels to him more like a fun hobby project (although one that requires a huge commitment, but that just makes it even better for him) while still having full control and flexibility with his own schedule.

More than a job!

It’s your life experience
expanded with purposeful work.

Live the life of your dreams!

Why Smily?

From our CEO and Founder Sébastien Grosjean nearly losing his life in 2003, and being here today thanks to the very successful vacation rental businesses of his parents and their unconditional love.

Smily was built out of necessity when Sebastien joined the family business just a couple of years later. The need to update calendars on dozens of websites every day became business critical and for someone with an IT background, it was inconceivable to be doing this manually forever, so Smily became the first channel manager of the vacation rental industry.

In September 2021, Smily was nominated by Airbnb, and Expedia as the world's best connectivity partner!

Today Smily promotes your vacation rentals to 1,000 websites from a single platform, giving you instant access to our world-leading partnerships. We help you save time on guest communication, handle payments securely and increase profitability by an average of 40%.
Smily is really your partner for an easy, safe and profitable vacation rental business.

But why do we do what we do?

Because we believe in sharing smiles: between a traveler and an owner, a traveler and a property manager, a property manager and an owner, within your teams, with family, friends, within yourself… It's really why we exist.

Read the full founder's story

The ideal candidate: 😍

We are looking for you if:
● You are interested in areas other than your preferred crafts…
● You like to learn, read, take risks and try new things: you've already read the classics of your science and art, and we count on you to keep up with current trends and have a critical eye.
● You want to be in a human-sized company, not a big company.
● You have energy and obvious interpersonal skills: you like human contact, you adapt naturally to your colleagues and you know how to create a quality relationship.
● You have excellent written and oral communication skills.
● You are organized and rigorous: you are able to manage several projects in parallel, and prioritize, you are excellent at execution, are result-oriented and pay attention to details.
● You are creative and resourceful in your ability to find solutions. For example, using a different strategy or mentors to reach a specific objective.
● You are autonomous: with us, you can't be afraid to get your hands dirty!
● You master and love modern tools and are comfortable with them (Slack, Google Workspace, Zapier...)
● An interest in the world of short-term rental and technology would be a big plus.

Currently we are 50/50 male female and we aspire to be a balanced, inclusive team.

English language: fluent, all your work must be possible in English. All our internal communication is done in English!

But this may not be for you...

As you can see, we don't want people who are just looking for a "job”. We are inspired by a culture of performance and ambition.

We are doing what very few companies have the courage to do, we want to create the exceptional and impact the maximum number of lives.

For this reason, some people imagine that they will work in an easy environment without any pressure.
But we have a very startup-oriented culture where everything is fast-paced and there is a lot of change; where you are not always told exactly what to do or how to do it.We tell each other things, even if they are uncomfortable, we prefer growth to ego comfort; we like to share clear and honest feedback. In our company, expressing disagreement and knowing how to argue is valued!
We encourage critical and strategic thinking. We question our assumptions, we're mindful of our biases, and we seek to put our energy where the leverage is greatest.

Do you experience criticism as a personal attack? Are you ready to receive regular feedback to allow yourself to progress? To take it well? To give it to others? Or even to give it to yourself?

We realize that this is not for everyone.
If all this resonates with you, then we'll love working with you (and you with us, you'll be pampered!), come write the next chapter with us.

Team stories

Since nearly 5 years, Smily helped me a lot with my maturity, independence, and self-confidence.

I'm very grateful to be a part of such a great group of people! Time flies when you love what you do. I’m looking forward to many more fantastic and fulfilling years to come!



Team Lead
Channel Manager Customer Support

I can work in a way that fits my own habits and work preferences. If I want a couple of hours without distractions to focus on something, I can easily make that happen, which I always found impossible in an office environment.

I also like to choose where I work and enjoy mixing it up in a variety of settings, like working from home, from a coworking space or from a friend's place.



Product Manager and
Customer Success

Having a newborn, the biggest friction at my previous job was work related travel Vs. personal/family life.

On a day to day basis, the team spirit and overall kindness of everyone at Smily makes work feel really seamless. Working 100% remote is also a huge plus.

Joined Smily about 4 months ago and feel very happy to be part of such a friendly team. Great times ahead!



Channel Manager
Customer Success

100% more freedom and strong feeling that I'm a part of a very nice and lovely Smily family. I feel like Dreams come true with Smily.



Team Lead
Channel Manager Senior Developer

I was losing 1h40-2hr of my time in the London underground every day, now in Medellin, Colombia the biggest benefit since joining Smily is life quality!!

I also enjoy stability. Work on the hours that fit my daily life. Getting the possibility to work where I want. As Colombia is a big country, I can spend 1 or 2 weeks per month in the countryside or near the coast.



Channel Manager
Customer Success
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