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If you know us as BookingSync, you’re in the right place! We’ve rebranded to Smily and now offer software & services.
#1 Partner

Top Access to Vacation Rental Industry

Smily connects you to the world’s leading hospitality industry with style. Airbnb, Booking.com, Expedia, and Vrbo each named Smily a preferred partner.
+40% Revenue

Increase your Revenues with Ease

Yep, you read it right. Customers are earning +40% revenue after Smily setup. It’s fast if your ducks are in a row. (Otherwise, we'll guide you through.)
70M Travelers

Allow Ideal Guests to Find You

Listing in Smily automagically promotes your tailored property listing on 1000+ websites, including Airbnb, Booking.com, Vrbo, etc.
Introducing Smily Services + Reintroducing Smily Software

Join +30k Properties Earning More with Smily

Whether you manage 1 or 5000+ properties, our plans deliver. Host travelers who will adore what you have to offer.

You choose your prices, policies, and rules, so you stay in control.

Hello, Property Owners!

Whether you have 1 property or 5+, your vacation rental should earn you money and not take up all your time.

Hi, Businesses & Real Estate!

With easy-to-use tools at your service, promote your business & brand to earn recognition and lasting loyalty.

Nice to Meet You, Managers!

Manage properties like a pro with one streamlined machine, at your service. Now, go woo your travelers & owners.

Yep, We’re Still Here, Pros!

Customize our tools to your heart’s (and clients’) desire. You’re still in full control of this one: the software plan.
Formerly “BookingSync Pro” Software

Reintroducing: Smily Software

Willing to dig in and tweak every last optimization, yourself? This plan is your playground. 😉
Dive in to Every Detail.
With the #1 industry partner for vacation rental software in your toolbox, every pro optimization you make can make an impact.
Access Our Partner Apps from the Industry’s Best.
You’ll have access to a varied network of quality partners who support you throughout your activities, thanks to Smily’s relationships and sophisticated integrations. Achieve your goals in terms of customization and optimization without any limitations!
Questions? Our Support Team Points Out Solutions.
Smily Software requires technical expertise, but you do not need to be a developer. It’s pretty intuitive. Yet, if you ever feel stuck, please flag our team. We'll get back to you with a smile. 😊
**The commission excludes taxes and is calculated on the total price of reservations with a departure during the previous month, excluding cleaning fees and taxes. On this plan, Smily charges whichever amount is higher: the subscription amount or the commission.

Smily Software

Keep full control, guided by professionals.
5 - 5000+ Properties
minimum monthly price before taxes
You manage your own activity and publications:
Sync with 1000+ sites
Smily AI ✨
Channel Manager
Website Builder
All-In-One Inbox
API access
Email Automations
Owner Collaboration
Payment Processing
Dedicated Account Manager

Looking for Simplicity?

NEW: Smily Service Plans

With plans for owners, small businesses, and large property managers, we make it simple for you to maximize your vacation rental business. (Service plans are only available for 💶 Euros, for now.)

After your Smily setup, you can focus on serving your customers, build your brand, and allow our tools to support your growth.
Introducing: Smily Service Plans, Perks, & Pricing

Reach Your Goals + Share More Smiles
(By Allowing Us To Serve You)

Signup is free. Our Smily guides are here and happy to help you through the setup.

Smily Owner

1 - 5+ Properties

(10.8% TTC)
No Monthly Fee
Published on 1000+ Vacation Rental Channels (Airbnb, Booking.com, etc.)
All Channels Managed + Optimized
Cross-Channel Synchronization:
- Rental Prices
- Calendars
- Bookings
- Descriptions, Photos, Details...
- Guest Details
- Guest Reviews
- Communication with Guests
Secure Payment Collection
Damage Deposits
(by Swikly)
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Smily Business

1 - 50+ Properties

(7.2% TTC)
+ Monthly Fee Per Rental3
Everything in ‘Smily Owner’ Plan +
Dynamic Pricing App Integration
(Your choice of Pricelabs or Beyond)
A Website For Your Business
Branded Email Communication (logo, colors, copy)
Dedicated Smily Account Manager
Priority Support
Required: French “Carte de Gestion” (until further notice) or own the properties
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Smily Manager

1 - 100+ Properties

(8.4% TTC)
+ Monthly Fee Per Rental3
Everything in ‘Smily Business’ Plan +
Guest Experience & Operations Mgmt (Rental Ninja)
Enterprise Website
(Categories & destinations segmentations, multi-currencies support and much more)
Accounting (Goldorak) 
Personalized + Priority Service
Required: French “Carte de Gestion” (until further notice) or own the properties
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🤩  Sharing Some Smily Smiles  🤩

Hear from some amazing customers optimizing with Smily.
Smily allows us to propose and promote additional services, like car and boat rental, babysitting, & massages. We better satisfy our guests and increase our profits.
Small Business Manager, Greece
15+ Properties
The most powerful thing to achieve in our business is automation or personalized automation as we call it. And Smily notifications allow us to do that.
Property Manager, Croatia
140+ Properties
The synchronization between Smily data and our marketing tools allows efficient and regular contact with our customers, via newsletter for example. Thus today, 90% of our business are direct bookings.
Property Owner, France
20+ Properties
It is very satisfying to have people who know the business perfectly well and who are there to provide us with real answers. It’s pretty cool too! Simple and visual. We love using it.
Chloe, Welkeys
Property Manager, France
500+ Properties
We decided to use Smily because our rental home was only available on one channel, and we weren’t really receiving rentals all summer. Now, with Smily, we’re on many sites, and it works all by itself–we don’t need to intervene.
Karine + Jean-Michel
Owners on “Smily Owner” Plan, France
1 Property
Our pricing team is able to price our properties very easily. Our reservation team does not get any double bookings.
Ankur, Houst
Property Manager, Worldwide
2500+ Properties