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We’re an eclectic mix of people from all over the world united by our belief that software should empower people, not get in their way.

Fully Remote Team

The world is full of talents, hence we have chosen to collaborate remotely to work with the best, no matter where they are. It brings all of us flexiblity, happier lives and better reactivity accross timezones.

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Brief history of Smily

BookingSync, the company behind Smily, is a French startup. When we created the BookingSync product, our vacation rental management platform, the goal was to make the lives of vacation rental owners, managers, and agencies much easier. We strove to help them save time and book more so they could spend more time with the ones they love. As we added many powerful features, our platform became more oriented to managers and agencies.

However, we did not abandon the vacation rental owners. We worked hard to rethink our platform so that all the technology we added to BookingSync would create a revolution for vacation rental owners as well.We wanted to give the power back to property managers – power they could use to leverage the reach and features of the biggest booking channels, while growing their customer base and the number of direct bookings on their own terms. That’s how Smily was created.

Whether it’s advertising your property through thousands of websites, managing your booking, accepting a payment, communicating with your guests, or issuing a contract, Smily can handle it. Dedicated to simplicity and ease of use, we have developed an intuitive software that is a friend to owners and small managers alike, throughout every step of vacation rental management.

Smily disrupted the scene with fully delegated distribution of your property to our channel partners. You can maintain a centralized listing with details, rates, and a calendar that automatically updates websites and supports portals like Airbnb, Booking.com, HomeAway, and VRBO, among others. At heart, we provide a product that is simple, reliable, fast, and fun.

Learn about Our Values

Ease Of Use

To make a beautiful, intuitive product for vacation rental owners and small managers.


To provide the highest quality in everything we do, from each line of code to each customer interaction.


To treat everyone with courtesy, politeness, and kindness, and encourage coworkers to express opinions and ideas.

Fundraised more than 3.500.000€

Smily grew out of one line of code in Greece into a company of three co-founders, and then into a community of 200 investors from 5 countries. In early 2014, we raised our first round of investment, more than $1M USD in a fundraising blitz of only 15 days.