Transparent Pricing For Smily's Vacation Rental Software

1% of your gross booking value* with a minimum based on your number of properties.
Setup fees starting at €690.
1 20 50 100 200 500 1000 2000+

For properties, your price is $4479 Saving 44% $7891 per month.

For 2000+ properties, please contact us.

* The commission is excluding applicable taxes and is calculated on the total rental price of reservations with a check-out date in the previous month, excluding reservation taxes and cleaning fees. You will be charged the highest value of either the fixed fee or the commission.

Want To Hear What Property Managers Like Yourself Have To Say About Smily's Team?

Here You Go…
Chloé Fournier
Chloé Fournier

It is very satisfying to have people who know the business perfectly well and who are there to provide us with real answers. It’s pretty cool too! Simple and visual. We love using it.

David Azoulay
David Azoulay

The Smily team is extremely reliable, an element which makes a world of difference nowadays.

Guillaume Bossard
Guillaume Bossard
Bordeaux Locations SAS

Smily is a key partner for us, particularly because of their proactivity and dynamism, especially in developing technologies like artificial intelligence.

Kevin Corbier
Kevin Corbier
Rock in Share

Being close to the Smily teams is crucial for us; they are committed, involved, and this has been the case from the start.

Sebastien Fourault
Sebastien Fourault

The Smily team is very friendly and dynamic, and support is always very responsive to our requests, which we love.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why setup fees?
As a vacation rental professional, you don't have time to spend on technical stuff. Setup can be tedious and complex. A proper setup is critical to unleash the full potential of Smily. Rentals and bookings import, rates rules configuration, emailing and website, we will do a complete initial setup for you!
How do I pay?
We debit your credit card each month. Currently we accept Visa and Mastercard.
What happens if I add more rentals online?
If you add a rental during your subscription period, you’ll only pay for the days remaining until your next billing cycle.
What does the monthly subscription cover?
The subscription covers the system user license, hosting, security, maintenance, updates and customer support. It also includes our reservation system as well as access to apps in Smily's App Center. Please note that all free apps come with the subscription, while others might require an extra payment.
Can I cancel my account at any time?
Yes, you can cancel at any time but we will miss you. When you cancel your user account will be closed immediately, although you’ll still be billed for the full month as your credit card is charged at the start of the billing period. Please note that Smily does not provide refunds.
What happens if I remove a rental?
If you remove a rental, we won’t bill you for it during the next billing cycle.Your card is charged at the beginning of the billing cycle. If you remove a rental, your subscription payment will reflect this change in the next billing cycle during which you won’t be charged for the rental that you removed.