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Simplify Your Transactions with Smily's Seamless Payment Solutions

Experience hassle-free payments and financial management tailored for vacation rentals.

Why do you need Smily's Payment Solutions?

Tackle common payment processing issues like high fees, integration complexities, and security concerns with our specialized solutions designed for the vacation rental industry. Discover how Smily streamlines financial operations and enhances clarity across your transactions.
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Ensure your payment processes are as streamlined and secure as possible.

Smily makes payment handling a breeze. I especially love that Vrbo payments are directly processed by our owners’ gateways.

Tim Andrews
Tim AndrewsTim Andrews

Smily Provides All You Need To
Manage, Book, and Grow
Your Vacation Rentals Online…

Plus Channel Management To Get Travelers To Find You!

Channel Manager

Enhance visibility, control pricing, and prevent overbookings effectively.

Payment Solutions

Streamline payments, reduce fees, and enhance payment security.

Smily AI

AI-powered vacation rental management: Seamless, intuitive, and effective.

Revenue Management

Maximize profits with dynamic pricing and advanced yield management.

Task Management

Experience seamless task management with automated workflows and real-time updates.

Performance Dashboard

Effortlessly track and improve vacation rental performance with real-time insights.

Email Marketing

Automate engaging emails with personalized, timely, and multilingual content.

Reviews Management

Streamline reviews across platforms with AI-driven management tools.


Automate guest re-engagement; elevate repeat visitor rates effortlessly.

Owners Portal

Manage properties efficiently with real-time updates and secure access.

Optimize your vacation rental business with secure and efficient payment solutions.

Join thousands of vacation rental owners and managers who are maximizing their bookings and streamlining their operations with Smily. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your properties' visibility and profitability!

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have a Carte G. can I still set up a payment gateway with Smily?
Absolutely! Smily allows you to allocate distinct payment gateways for each property on behalf of your owners. This means you can manage payments efficiently without needing a Carte G, ensuring funds are channeled directly to the appropriate parties
Are Smily's payment solutions more expensive than typical bank rates?
Smily is committed to providing cost-effective payment solutions. We partner with industry giants like Stripe and offer our proprietary solution, BookingPay, which boasts very competitive rates. These platforms are chosen to ensure they offer the best features for our industry at the best prices, along with top-notch security and integration capabilities.
How does Smily handle payment security and compliance?
Our payment solutions are fully compliant with EU standards, including GDPR and PCI-DSS requirements. We provide robust 3DS support to enhance transaction security. With Smily, you can be confident that your payment processing is secure and meets stringent regulatory standards.
Can Smily's payment solutions integrate with platforms like Vrbo and Booking.com?
Yes, Smily's payment solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with major rental platforms such as Vrbo and Booking.com. This integration ensures that your booking and payment systems work together flawlessly, reducing errors and saving you time.
What happens if I face issues with 3DS or my payment gateway?
Smily offers comprehensive customer support to resolve any issues you might encounter with 3DS or your payment gateway quickly and efficiently. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your payment operations run smoothly, providing you with the assistance you need whenever you need it.