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Simplify your workflow, enhance owner satisfaction, and transform property management with real-time data and intuitive controls.

Why Do You Need The Smily Owners Portal?

Modern property management challenges demand innovative solutions. Our Owners Portal offers real-time updates, robust security, and the customization owners crave. Experience management ease and owner happiness all in one place.
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Channel Manager

Enhance visibility, control pricing, and prevent overbookings effectively.

Payment Solutions

Streamline payments, reduce fees, and enhance payment security.

Smily AI

AI-powered vacation rental management: Seamless, intuitive, and effective.

Revenue Management

Maximize profits with dynamic pricing and advanced yield management.

Email Marketing

Automate engaging emails with personalized, timely, and multilingual content.

Reviews Management

Streamline reviews across platforms with AI-driven management tools.


Automate guest re-engagement; elevate repeat visitor rates effortlessly.

Owners Portal

Manage properties efficiently with real-time updates and secure access.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Owners Portal ensure real-time data updates?
The Smily platform guarantees that all financial and booking information is updated in real-time, enabling owners to make informed decisions without delays. This feature is designed to enhance operational efficiency and keep you constantly in the loop.
What has been done to enhance the user interface of the Owners Portal?
We've designed our user interface to be intuitive and easy to navigate. Owners can find necessary information and perform tasks efficiently, reducing frustration and improving their overall experience with the portal.
Can I customize what each property owner can see and do in the Owners Portal?
Yes, Smily offers extensive customization options that allow you to tailor the access levels and capabilities for each property owner. This flexibility ensures that you can meet the specific needs of each owner, providing a personalized and effective property management solution.
How is the Owners Portal integrated with other tools?
Smily is an all-in-one solution that provides comprehensive tools necessary for property management. However, if additional integration is required, our portal comes with a complete API that can seamlessly connect with other systems as needed, offering flexibility and extended functionality.
What security measures are in place to protect sensitive information in the Owners Portal?
Smily takes security seriously by implementing robust measures to protect sensitive information, including personal data and financial details. Our advanced security protocols ensure that your data is safe, giving you peace of mind.
How does the Owners Portal handle technological updates and obsolescence?
Smily utilizes cutting-edge technology built on stable, reliable platforms. We provide regular updates and support to mitigate risks related to technological dependence or obsolescence, ensuring your portal remains current and effective.