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Smily's Core Values: The Guiding Principles of Our Mission

The Smily team relies on its values to drive its business to success

As Smily keeps evolving and growing, it appeared to us that we were missing an important part of our expansion: our Core Values, a guideline or code of conduct we would all need to follow and respect. We’ve listed what we think is important to us as a company, but that’s not all.

We’re making this list public for our employees, partners and even our clients: we want everyone to be on the same page and respect what we think is essential. Our processes and products will certainly evolve over time, but we want to remain consistent with our values and respect what we think is right.


At Smily, we love what we do. Building something great and making the world a better place is our primary goal - It's hard to imagine being in anything long-term without any higher-level goals. Passion for everyday work and desire to build something that could impact the world and make it a better place are necessary for the long-term success.

Delivering the highest possible quality

Becoming #1 and beyond is not something easily achievable. To get there, we must ensure that at every step, we constantly deliver the highest possible quality and we do the best possible job.

Mutual respect, tolerance and lack of prejudice

We know we can't expect anyone to respect us if we won't respect them ourselves or if we approach them with a prejudice. Everyone must be treated just as we would expect them to treat us in return.


This means wanting to do whatever it takes without violating any other core values - the path to success is not all sunshine and rainbows. Determination and willingness to go through all the hardships and doing whatever it takes to beat them is the only thing that can ensure a long-term success.

Team spirit

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. An efficient team will always mean more than any individual. Sharing knowledge and helping other teammates with their problems always yields greater collective results than focusing only on own issues.

Responsibility and openness

At Smily, we want to encourage people to make their own decisions and be responsible for their own choices. Problems and questions should be faced and dealt with directly and clearly to maximize everyone’s potential.

Humility and ever-growing mindset

No one is perfect and no one knows everything. Recognizing that there is always something new to learn, from anyone, constantly growing and becoming better at own craft every single day is the only thing that could bring us closer to the best of ourselves.

Creating the best work environment

Even though we need to do #WhateverItTakes to achieve our goals, working in a negative atmosphere isn’t sustainable in the long-term. That's why we've been working remotely from the very beginning, which helps maintain the balance, by working flexible hours and when we feel the most productive. It also allows us to work with awesome people from different locations and from various backgrounds. And obviously, traveling can easily become a part of everyone's lifestyle, which is all what the vacation rental industry is about ;).

Thinking long-term

Quick solutions might be appealing - This is not necessarily wrong and sometimes, one needs to do whatever it takes to handle some problems, but ensuring our long-term success must always take a priority over the short-term goals.

Giving back

We are infinitely grateful to those who have taught us and enable our company and team to keep growing. It is crucial for us to share in our turn and beyond, to push the limits and to participate in the improvement of mindset and actions, to a new, broader and positive vision.